equipping together

We all need tools for daily life. Equipment that will help us to have healthy family, neighborhood, and marketplace relationships. The Church of West Orange hopes to partner together to provide practical and helpful equipping opportunities for the people of West Orange County. The goal is simple: health and oneness in the families, neighborhoods, and marketplace environments of the community.

To equip you to simply be the church in daily life, we encourage you to live out these very practical suggestions:

  • pray for the people you live by and work with
  • connect with them over real life
  • invite them to serve together with you
  • learn and live the ways of Jesus with them as you connect and serve

Let’s keep being the church together!

1 Response to equipping together

  1. My wife and I attended the Fireproof movie at Windemere Community on Thursday- very moving; very needed. Thank. you for doing this.

    There was a comment at the end about ‘submitting a desire for serving.’ I would like to speak to someone about a new service I am preparing for adults in churches to help understand/respond to the economic crisis in our nation. This would be done via an 8-week course entitled, “Preserving the Free Market” Could someone contact me at 651-734-3714. Thanks. Dan Smithwick

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