resourcing together

As we become aware of opportunities in the community that will resource West Orange County people in various ways, we will try to list them here. Whether networking, job help, financial counseling, or whatever, we will try to keep you informed.


2 Responses to resourcing together

  1. Elisa Hromin says:

    Hi, I am new in the area (husband’s job was transferred) I am looking to form a original blues/folk christian band -ministry with surrounding local talent/servants /musicians from west orange churches. My heart’s cry and mission is :I believe is that God would use me through songs and my own testimony of who I was before God saved me; and who I am becoming throgh God’s healing and restoration. I pray for healing for those hearts that are broken and suffering as my own heart once was. That others would know and experience in their own hearts the same healing that jesus so longs to give. Not that have arrived; but rather, joining together in compassion and transparency, asking Jesus to transform those areas of shame, guilt, hate, fear, anger, unforgiveess,addictionsand all forms of brokenness. Ive done this in Ca. and looking to hook up and continue the work God has put on my heart.Please contact me either e/mail. So together we can go out into the community and tell them and love on them that Jesus Is The Healer of the Brokenhearted. Oh and I gather at Westpoint in Summerport. thank you , IN His love , Elisa Hromin

  2. jasoncdukes says:

    I LOVE IT!!! We will definitely get behind you Elisa! Looking forward to hearing you in Westpoint’s gathering Sunday morning! Thankful! Let’s talk about this and look ahead to see test the waters.

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