getting together

While the many churches of The Church of West Orange may gather in various places on Sundays and other days of the week, we do hope to get together as church families from time to time. Our plan is to gather together at least twice a year. THE REASON – to simply pray for wisdom as to how we can be the church together to West Orange County and to sincerely praise God for the chance to do so.


3 Responses to getting together

  1. Tom Welch says:

    Hey guys,
    Last year the Roper YMCA Mission Committee and area churches hosted a prayer breakfast for the National Day of Prayer. We are planning our second prayer breakfast on May 7th. And we actually pray during this event! Are you interested in partnering in this? Let me know ASAP!

    Tom Welch
    Chair – YMCA Mission Committee
    Pastor – Southwest Church

    “_praying together
    On the National Day of Prayer (May 7th), we are looking at possibly having a prayer breakfast to unite together to pray for our community and our leaders and our economy and for one another during these times. Details to come.”

  2. jasoncdukes says:

    We meet tomorrow morning. 9:30 @ House Blend Cafe.

  3. Anne Hodges says:

    Get together WOKB Gospel Radio Station on New Year’s Eve at the Gospel Jazz Festival in Orlando. This is an outdoor, family event where there will be lots of food and merchandise vendors and a host of gospel performers all evening long. Bring your friends and let’s celebrate together as a community!

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