Many churches and organizations make up “The Church of West Orange,” partnering to be the church together to West Orange County and beyond. Much like the 1st century church, many local expressions exist. But the one purpose and one heart and one focus that has been tainted since then, we are praying for that oneness to be restored. We hope that this community will know the One we follow because of our love for one another and the unity that blossoms from that love. We hope that will then spill over and influence our community toward love and unity, resulting in strengthened families, neighborhoods, and marketplaces. And ultimately we hope for more and more people to follow Jesus and experience the life He died to give us.

We hope for many other churches to partner together with us. Here are those who have so far:

4 Responses to partners

  1. Dan Smithwick says:

    Earlier i left a message about visiting with someone regarding a training course on ‘free market.’ I have not heard back. Could you have someone contact me please?

  2. jasoncdukes says:

    Dan – please forgive me for not having contacted you back before now. I sincerely apologize. I would love to get together for coffee sometime soon and learn more about what you are thinking here. Can you send me some options that work for you the week of April 13th? Please post them here as well as sending them to the email Thanks so much. Look forward to getting together with you!

  3. tom says:

    Hey guys,
    Can you tell me when you are meeting next?
    Southwest Church

  4. jasoncdukes says:

    We meet tomorrow morning. 9:30 @ House Blend Cafe.

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