remembering together on Good Friday (and a few notes from last mtg)

Hope to see you on Good Friday at noon at the Jesse Brock Community Center in Winter Garden across from Dillard Elementary School. Let’s communicate this opportunity to remember together with our respective local church expressions. It will start at noon with several worship stations as you come into the Community Center, and it will conclude by 12:50. What a special chance to worship Jesus as His church together on that Passion-filled day when He declared loud and clear that to Him we are worth dying for.

For those who led in different stations last year, please come prepared to lead in those stations again. Let me know if plans have changed for some reason 🙂

ALSO, here are a few notes from last COWO mtg:

:: the guys and gals agreed to set aside a special offering on Easter Sunday to give for the completion of the Shower Trailer for Matthew’s Hope. $4000 is needed to finalize and make ready for use this important service for our homeless friends who simply want a shower and for some who really want to clean up for work or a job interview. For those willing to participate, PLEASE LET US KNOW and we will give you further instructions from there.

:: there will be a Women’s Luncheon for the ladies of Matthew’s Hope Tuesday, April 17th at the Matthew’s Hope facility on the campus of the West Orange Church of Christ on Daniels Road. Julie and Carole with Hope Counseling in conjunction with Matthew’s Hope will be hosting this special, affirming meal together. Volunteers are needed, and they are to be women only, specifically women who previously know the women of Matthew’s Hope. ALSO, extra volunteers are needed that day for Matthew’s Hope normal activities because of the female volunteers who will be focusing on the luncheon. THANKS!!! Let Karen or Scott know if you can help!

:: NEXT Community Church’s Student Ministry Cafe is open to all youth ministries, especially those smaller groups who have no space. It is called “The Well” and is intended to be a unifying community center for the students of West Orange county. Let NEXT’s leadership know if you are interested!!!

:: St. Pauls and Mark Marsden hold a Saturday Gathering Downtown for the homeless of the downtown area. They are in need of a group to lead one Saturday a month at 9am. If interested and for more details, contact Mark Marsden with St. Pauls Pres of Ocoee.

:: we are looking at a day in May for a Serve Day Together. Details coming soon!!!

:: If anyone knows of an inexpensive vehicle for sale, one of our local pastors is in need of something for his family. Please let us know!

Grateful to be growing in unity around mission as the church together loving the people of West Orange County and beyond. May we continue to pray together, encourage together, and keep asking, “how can we give ourselves away together” for the sake of “on earth as it is in heaven.”

Love y’all!

About jasoncdukes

i am a doubter and a believer, a follower and a leader, a bride and a husband, a son and a father, a brother and a friend, a learner and a teacher, a writer and a reader, an art-lover and a sports-fan.
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