some highlights and important notes to remember…

Hey guys and gals!

A few quick highlights from our last mtg as well as some important items to promote with our respective local church families. Here you go:

:: Click here to get all the Reading God’s Story links for the book and the audio version of the readings and more.

:: please share with female leaders in any type of community or ministry leadership about the opportunity to be a part of a new Women’s Leadership Prayer and Bible Study Group put together by Julie Wolf and Carole Batten and Hope Counseling. They will meet Wednesday mornings from 9:30 to 11:00 beginning February 29th at the Educational Building of the United Methodist Church in Winter Garden. It will be a safe place for support and vulnerability and encouragement. They will launch out by studying “Strong Woman. Soft Heart.” Call Julie or Carole with questions or for more details at 407.758.5693.

:: Stay tuned for more details on a luncheon for the women of Matthew’s Hope coming next month.

:: Come out March 14th for the Bread of Life building dedication at 10am. God has provided for this new facility. Mark and the crew are so grateful, and want to share it and celebrate with all of us. Click here to “LIKE” their Facebook page as well as to learn more about Bread of Life and get directions to their facility.

:: Let’s all try to make it out for Prayer and Worship Together as a community the last Wednesday night of every month at 7:30 at New Chief Cornerstone’s church building located at 820 S Park Ave. in Winter Garden.

:: Put it on your calendars again for this April 6th at noon for another midday Church of West Orange Good Friday gathering. Location and details TBA.

:: And last but not least, make sure our church families know about our “Community Prayer Flash Mob” February 25th at 11:00 on Plant Street in downtown Winter Garden during the Farmer’s Market. Please try to be there and bring along as many from our church families as you can. Here are the instructions for that day:

Right at 11:00, someone will begin playing “Amazing Grace” in the center of the median island there on Plant Street. That is our queue to come out from the crowd and stand on the median island on all sides of the person playing. When that song ends, we will all kneel in a posture of prayer. Then, the guitarist will play and sing a song by Michael Gungor entitled “Song for My Family.” It is a simple song of confession and commitment – confession as the church for not being the church as Jesus intended, and commitment from the church to be the family of God as Jesus intended. It is an appropriate way to begin the first of six community prayer events for 2012. After the Gungor song ends, we will simply all go back into the crowd or head out. It will be a definite opportunity to share with anyone who asks why we did that why it was that we did that and who the Church of West Orange is trying to become together.

Love y’all so much!

PS – next COWO mtg is Wednesday morning, March 14th, 9:30 to 11:00. Hope to see you there, too, as we pray together, encourage one another, and continue to ask “how will we continue to give ourselves away together?”

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i am a doubter and a believer, a follower and a leader, a bride and a husband, a son and a father, a brother and a friend, a learner and a teacher, a writer and a reader, an art-lover and a sports-fan.
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